About Us

Bem-vindo to our family-owned store ♡

Where genuine quality meets accessible luxury.

At Lua&Mar, we believe that quality jewelry shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. Too often, we find ourselves torn between investing a fortune in pieces that won't tarnish or settling for subpar quality. But fear not, because Lua&Mar is here to revolutionize the jewelry market and provide the perfect balance.

Founded with a passion for genuine, high-quality jewelry, Lua&Mar aims to bring elegance, delicacy, self-esteem, power, and happiness to women from all walks of life. Our store proudly showcases handcrafted jewelry from Brazil, featuring exclusive designs and crafted with utmost care. We prioritize hypoallergenic materials, making our pieces perfect for even the most sensitive skin. And yes, our jewelry is filled with 18K gold or white rhodium, ensuring unparalleled radiance and lasting beauty.

Lua&Mar was born out of the dreams of a proud Brazilian woman, now residing in the Midwest of the United States. With a deep understanding of the need for authentic, affordable luxury, we set out to create a jewelry experience like no other. We are committed to redefining the industry and providing you with the jewelry you deserve—without compromise.

So, fret not—Lua&Mar has your back. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-expression and empowerment with Lua&Mar—where genuine quality meets accessible luxury.